Join APSCU for our Annual State of the Workforce Symposium on March 2nd and 3rd at The Liaison Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

The United States is at a critical juncture in its economic development. Many opinions are being voiced about the best direction, but the fundamental need at the heart of the matter is workforce readiness. How is our nation addressing the skills gap with the growing workforce demands and the challenges facing our higher education system?

Private sector colleges and universities provide nearly four million students with access to the education and skills training necessary to successfully compete for future high-demand occupations.

This convening will address not only the immediate employment and skills gap issue, but also what America will need in order to grow its economy and rebuild middle class opportunity. The dialogue will examine emerging occupational demands and our collective role in preparing workers for skilled, well-paying jobs that will contribute to the country's global leadership position.

Attendees will:

  • Hear the latest thinking from today's issue leaders including employers, economists, workforce experts, and policy makers.
  • Gain insight into how postsecondary education institutions are developing their programs to better align their constituents for the needs of the workplace.
  • Network with today's business leaders to discuss how postsecondary education is working with industries to be a part of the solution.

Join us for this thought-provoking Symposium and add your voice to the collective dialogue about the imperative issue of workforce education and career skills and, more importantly, making it happen.


The State of the Workforce Symposium and APSCU Hill Day are taking place adjacent to each other during the week of March 2 in Washington, DC.

Make your voices heard during APSCU Hill Day on March 3–4, 2015, in Washington, DC. If you're an institutional leader of a private sector institution, an employer partner of a private sector institution, or a graduate or student of a private sector college or university, come to Washington, DC and educate your members of Congress on the impact of the gainful employment regulation on students, your institution, and your community.

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