APSCU Annual Convention & Exposition

Join us at the most exciting Convention yet.

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Aligning the Future

We are in the midst of unprecedented change in technology, industries and how services, healthcare and other critical sectors of our economy are operating. Along with these monumental shifts in our economy come opportunities for those who are prepared—prepared for the new jobs of the 21st Century.  

Emerging technologies such as smart products commonly referred to the Internet of Things, 3-D Printing/Adaptive Manufacturing, and new innovations in healthcare are changing the skill-sets necessary to succeed in the workforce. This is one of the key reasons you are hearing more and more about the widening skills-gap in America. As a result, career education has never been so important as it is today!

Aligning the Future brings together attendees from across higher education for the opportunity to engage with experts on the challenges of today and build on the prospects of the future. This year’s convention and exposition will be one of the most exciting programs ever! The exposition hall will take attendees on a tour of how innovation is changing the world, the new jobs being created and the monumental changes to jobs people already possess. This year’s convention will help educators develop the new academic programs that are critical to the students’ success and future. It will expose attendees to new educational delivery programs. And finally, this year’s program will also discuss the challenges of all higher education – and provide speakers with experience in business, regulation, program development, student engagement, and career services and placement.

Higher education with a career focus is the best opportunity millions of Americans have at joining the middle class and it is the responsibility of our sector to help those students connect to their future. And the path to that future can be found in this year’s APSCU 2016 Convention and Exposition Hall.

Meet us in Orlando in 2016! Be inspired at the APSCU Annual Convention & Exposition.

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