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Interested in becoming a track leader?

APSCU is currently holding a formal application process to select the 2016 APSCU Convention track leaders. Track leaders play an important role in shaping the Convention’s programming and providing postsecondary career education professionals with the information and resources needed to help students succeed. 

If you are interested in volunteering as a track leader for the 2016 Convention, please submit a professional bio and cover letter expressing your interest in shaping the 2016 Convention and your commitment to higher education to events@apscu.org. Please review the application process and additional requirements (below) prior to applying to volunteer.

Track Leader Application Process
Those interested in becoming a track leader must submit an application and bio to APSCU Professional Development by August 31, 2015. Applications will be reviewed and those selected will be notified within 2 weeks.

Track Leader Requirements*

  1. Selected track leaders must have attended and participated in at least 1 prior APSCU Convention.
  2. Track leaders must be employed by a member organization for the duration of their track leader term.
  3. Track leaders must be prepared to participate in all assigned prep calls and webinars (official duties will be assigned after selection of track leaders occurs) to the best of their scheduled ability.
  4. Volunteers must apply for the year they wish to serve as track leaders. Track leaders serve a 1-year term, but can re-apply the following year if they would like to continue to serve.

*Any registration discount allotted to Track leaders will only be valid if these requirements are met.

Meet us in Orlando in 2016! Be inspired at the APSCU Annual Convention & Exposition.

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